Why choose a Makita circular saw?

Despite the additional introduction of similar products out there, the Makita circular saw and its large spinning blade is the most powerful, all-time portable, and the most versatile tool for cutting wood. Its special blades have been designed by experts to accurately cut all sorts of industrial materials ranging from plastics to metals.

The Makita circular saw has that flat, pivoting shoe capable of those up-down movements which makes it adjustable for depths, as well as the right or left adjustments for edgings or angled cuts. Built-in along this powerful saw is a blade guard for added protection for operators against the spinning blade, as well as blade and trigger locks.

With its features, the Makita circular saw is excellent for cutting accurately with the grain and cross cuts, as well as for those cuts made against the grain and rip cuts. All these cutting types need no guide when you’re using a Makita circular saw and help you get that accuracy even with its dauntingly large blade. You need not have a fence or guide to achieve optimized precision in cutting, regardless of the blade’s diameter or whether you’re cutting something mounted on a table or simply hand-held.

The advantages do not stop there. Makita circular saw is the lightest, most convenient and most portable tool among similar products with no more hassles of outlets and lugging of ropes or power cords. With such portability and easy-to-carry size and weight, the cordless Makita circular saw can be taken anywhere, wherever your commercial projects or backyard chores are.

As for its balanced design, the Makita circular saw has an 18v LXT lithium ion 6-1/2in, circular saw with a powerful 3,700 RPM, a truly ergonomic answer for simplified and easier use. For operators, no other saw weighs only 7.1 pounds, therefore so easy to control and manage when you’re bent on cutting with accuracy, great ease and quicker time.

It also has two built-in LED lights when you need to keep working with limited illumination. This powerful tool also has a precision machined, heavy gauged base and dust-blower as well. Its high-torque motor allows cutting capacities with 2-1/4 inches at 90 degrees, 1-9/16 inches at 45 degrees and 1-7/16 inches at fifty degrees, something no other circular saw has.

Utilizing lithium-ion technology, the Makita circular saw provides longer work time and the overall lifespan of your tool. Moreover, it has the most advanced battery charging system with a 45-minute optimum charger that comes with its built-in CPU chips that paves way for communication between the batteries for longer performance.

The charger Active 3 Control technology of the monitors allows information on the voltage, current and temperature of the Makita circular saw to be relayed to its batteries. More than that, it has a charging system that runs full in a short forty-five minutes and comes with a built-in fan to cool the battery and give it added lifespan.

The Makita circular saw BSS610 now out in the market also comes with 2.0 lithium batteries and is built with a two-piece field and armature. The product also includes externally accessible brushes as existing owners have requested for simplified use. Makita’s 18v, 6-1/2in circular saw also comes with the saw blade and a handy tool case for greater convenience to the owner.

The good news for those who wish to purchase a new Makita circular saw is that it now comes with a three-year warranty, and its batteries come with a one-year warranty as well.

The Makita circular saw indeed makes your tasks cleaner and lighter and helps you achieve accuracy with anything that you need cut, designed or recreated – at home, at your project site and elsewhere. Cordless, efficient and comfortable! No other circular saw comes compact, light and comfortable for a hard worker like you!

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