How to drill into concrete with your cordless drill in 3 simple steps

sometimes you need to drill into concrete. Maybe you have an apartment with all concrete walls and want to hang a picture or a mirror. Maybe you need to drill a hole straight through the foundation of your house for your tv cable. Many people look at drilling in concrete with horror. They find it difficult to believe that they have the ability to do tasks like that, and call professionals, paying them big bucks.

But is drilling in concrete and masonry really that difficult? No, it isn’t. It is really about finding the correct tools for the job and using them correctly.

In this guide, I will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to drill into concrete with your cordless drill.

1. Use the correct cordless drill and bits for the job

Preferably you should have a good and powerful hammer drill with a 1/2-inch chuck. Drilling in concrete with a good hammer drill compared to a conventional drill is just like night and day. In an ideal world, your drill should at least have a max torque of 600-inch pounds, especially if you are going to drill in a thick foundation, but a 400-inch-pound drill will do the job as well.

When drilling in concrete I prefer to have at least an 18v cordless drill with two lithium-ion batteries and a rapid charger. The reason for that is that concrete drilling is rough, and you empty your battery really quickly. If you have two batteries and a rapid charger, you can basically go on forever.

The drill bits need to be in a hard metal like tungsten carbide because the hammer movement together with the rotary movement equals rough treatment of the bit while drilling in concrete. Also, make sure the drill bit is long enough to reach the desired hole depth.

2. Preparations

when you are going to drill holes in a concrete wall, preparation is extremely important. If you drill in the wrong place, you have to cover it again with cement. An easy task, but quite annoying. Do the measurements on the wall correctly and you don’t have to worry.

You also have to have some kind of control over how deep you will drill. An easy way of doing this is to take the desired hole depth and mark the drill bit with a piece of colored tape.

3. Drilling of the concrete wall

I assume you have marked your drill spot with a cross and are ready for drilling. Make sure you’ve put your drill in hammer mode and your dual-speed option on high speed. Put the tip of the drill into your cross on the concrete. Take it out about 1 inch and start the drill by pushing the button slightly in. Touch the cross and increase the speed a little bit.

When you’ve got a small guide pit you can increase the speed to full speed. Hold a firm pressure, but not too much. Let the hammer and rotary motions work together, and let the drill grind itself into the concrete. When you’ve reached the desired hole depth (the colored tape is barely touching the entrance of the hole), it is time to reverse the action and get the drill out of the hole again.

How to drill into concrete with your cordless drill (Final Verdict)

This is it for this guide on how to drill into concrete. I hope that by reading this guide you’ve got a basic understanding of what it takes to drill in concrete. As you can see, drilling in concrete or masonry isn’t rocket science. It is all about using the correct tools and using some time on the preparations.

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