Coolant Fill Kit Harbor Freight

Who doesn’t want to shop online line these days? However, now  It has been very difficult to get measure of the quality of a product that you could end up making a very bad purchase. To help you get the best deals regarding quality, reliability, and affordability, we have highlighted coolant fill kit harbor freight with which you can maneuver in everyday use. 

We have performed extensive and thorough research with dozens of models before choosing the coolant fill kit harbor freight so that our recommended products can fit your needs.

Check what we are offering for you.

# Preview Product Score
1 SEDY 15-Pieces No Spill Coolant Filling Funnel Kit,… 9.5
2 EPAuto Spill Proof Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel Kit 9.7
3 HORUSDY No-Spill Coolant Funnel Kit with Valve Switch,… 9.8
4 Thorstone No Spill Coolant Funnel Kit, Spill Free… 9.6
5 Mishimoto MMTL-Cool-PR Coolant Vacuum Purge and Refill Tool… 9.4
6 Engine Cooling System Vacuum Purge & Refill Kit… 9.4
7 ABN Coolant Funnel Kit Radiator Spill Free Funnel… 9.8
8 SWANLAKE No-Spill Coolant Funnel Kit,Spill Proof Radiator Funnel… 9.7
9 OEMTOOLS 24444 Coolant System Refiller Kit, 5 Adapters,… 9.4
10 JIFETOR Cooling System Vacuum Purge Radiator Coolant Refill… 9.8

SEDY 15-Pieces No Spill Coolant Filling Funnel Kit, General-Purpose

  • 🔺Our Coolant Filling Kit allows you to easily refill automotive cooling systems without having to worry about spilling, which could lead to squeaky belts and trapped air pockets that can impact performance. The spill-free funnel eliminates trapped air pockets which usually cause erratic cooling system and heater performance.
  • 🔺Ideal for an engine flush, a coolant pressure tester kit, even for a radiator flush; This coolant filling set works with radiators and surge tanks on most domestic and imported vehicles. It even includes two threaded cap adapters with gaskets specifically for GM and Ford vehicles.
  • 🔺This fluid funnel features a fluid stopper to prevent drips when removing the funnel, funnel automotive fluids, or combine with antifreeze tester kit to ensure your system stays clean and functional; Included fluid stopper means no spills or air bubbles.
  • 🔺The stopper helps prevent an excessive pressure build-up during filling, while the extension and elbows allow you to work in hard to reach places. 5″ straight extension and 2-1/4″ 45° elbows allow for multiple configurations designed to accommodate most vehicles on the market.
  • 🔺BETTER THAN BEST – Whether you buy it for your own use or as a gift, this set of products will solve at least one of your worries, because we never carelessly make tools. Choose it and you can always trust it. If you have any question or advice, please write to us through Amazon. We will solve your problems in time.


EPAuto Spill Proof Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel Kit

  • Allows color matching of caps for dedicated adapters.
  • Cooling System fill kit prevents spills and trapped air. Trapped air pockets may cause erratic cooling system and heater performance.
  • 5” Extension Bar and 45° Elbow allow access to caps under shrouds or at an angle.
  • USPTO Patent No: US10519019B2


HORUSDY No-Spill Coolant Funnel Kit with Valve Switch, Radiator Bleeder Funnel Kit, Universal Fitment Applicable to Any Vehicle (15 Piece)

  • Unique design: different from other ordinary funnels, our high-end coolant funnels have a special rotary switch, which can be closed by turning it gently to effectively prevent overflow or bubbles.
  • The Coolant Filling Kit Can Deliver Fluids Such as Radiator Coolant and Oil To Any Vehicle, the Long Burp Funnel Prevents Spills and Trapped air During Refills After a Coolant Flush.
  • The multipurpose funnel kit includes:5 Adapters, 4 Filler Caps, Two 45° elbows, Two 5“ Extender and a High Quality Transparent Antifreeze Funnel Make The Kit.
  • The longer extension rod is designed for hard to reach areas, and can be placed on the radiator cap at any angle in combination.The thread reinforcement design can ensure that the liquid can not leak under extreme environment.
  • Multi Purpose: the Spill Free Funnel is Very Suitable for Engine Flushing, Coolant Pressure Tester Kit, and Even Radiator Flushing; The Coolant Filling Kit Has a Common Spare Part for USA and Foreign Vehicles.


Thorstone No Spill Coolant Funnel Kit, Spill Free Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel, Spill Proof Radiator Funnel Bleeder with Adapters, Automotive Antifreeze Bleeder for Universal Vehicles

  • DURABLE AND CONVENIENT – The funnel bleeder kit is made of ECO-PP material which can withstand 200 degrees high temperature and accidental falls (unless encounter a severe external force). Highly sealed interface and clear funnel design allow a quick visual check of the coolant, also take up the mess and save your time.
  • SAFER AND NO SPILLING – The coolant filler funnel is ideal bleeding the air out of your cooling system, refilling radiator after replacing with new one, helping flush the cooling system and assisting to replace the radiator and ensure that the cooling system was clear of air. BTW, the set allows you to unattended filling and no need to worry about spilling.
  • ECONOMICAL DESIGN – 5″ straight extension and 45 degree elbow allow for multiple configurations and designed to works in hard-to-reach area and can be combined to use on radiator caps that are placed at any angle. The fluid stopper will help you economically recycle unused coolant in the funnel after finish which could help you save money.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS – The radiator funnel kit include 4 filler caps, 5 adapters, two 45° elbows, one 5inch extender and a high quality transparent antifreeze funnel make the kit adapted to the radiators or surge tanks on the most vehicles, such as domestic and import cars and light trucks.
  • 100% SALE SUPPORT – We back up all products for life, 24*7 fast response customer service free all your concerns. Sincerely thanks for your support to THORSTONE!


Mishimoto MMTL-Cool-PR Coolant Vacuum Purge and Refill Tool Kit, Black

  • Eliminates the need for coolant system bleeding
  • Prevents air pockets that can lead to hot spots in the cooling system
  • Drastically reduces the time it takes to fill cooling system
  • Universal adapter collars fit most vehicles’ radiator or coolant tank
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • Minimum shop air requirement 90 psi (4.2 SCFM/6.21 Bar)
  • The size range for the 3 included collars, 34mm-40mm, 40mm-44mm, and a 44mm-49mm collar.


Engine Cooling System Vacuum Purge & Refill Kit Set Universal Pro Tools

  • Item may be defective or damaged during shipping, please contact us before returning it, we will try our best to solve the problem.
  • Reduces the refill time of cooling system and prevents the air flow into the system. No more bleeding and save the time of clean up.
  • Easy to connect with air pump and creates a vacuum. Attaching the filler hose
  • Opening the valve and letting the pre-mixed coolant flow into the system.
  • Any problem, contact us!


ABN Coolant Funnel Kit Radiator Spill Free Funnel Auto Coolant Flush Kit No Spill Funnel Radiator Funnel Fill Kit

  • PERFORM TESTS & REFILL FLUIDS: The ABN | Cooling System Refiller Kit Coolant Burping Funnel Radiator Flush Kit prevents squeaky belts and spills when changing radiator coolant, flushing systems, vacuum filling, or replacing hoses; Connects to radiator and seals for hands-free work so you can fill fluid level higher than radiator (allows for coolant expansion) to remove trapped air pockets or head gasket combustion leak bubbles that can otherwise cause cooling system errors and heater issues
  • FITS YOUR VEHICLE: Antifreeze funnel kit works on any vehicle filled through the radiator (not the expansion tank); The included straight extension and 45-degree elbows allow access to caps located under shrouds or in fender wells; Works in any hard-to-reach area and can be combined to use on radiator caps that are placed at an angle
  • BUILT TO LAST: 6.75-inch x 8.25-inch (17.1cm x 21cm) overall with 0.75-inch (1.9cm) outside diameter (OD) coolant fill funnel tip that securely fits the included adapters of different sizes; While there are no measurement markings on the coolant spill free funnel, it can hold a maximum of approximately 70 ounces (2.1 L); Constructed from opaque yellow hard-plastic components; 3 out of 5 cap adaptors include steel rings to hold the adaptors in place
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Coolant vacuum refill kit includes (1) radiator burp funnel with detachable lid to keep the car radiator funnel clean and other contents organized, (5) caps, (3) adapters (two 45-degree elbow, one 5-inch/12.7cm long straight), and (2) clear tubing extras (4-inch x 6mm OD / 4mm ID)
  • EASY TO USE: Insert appropriate adaptor and cap on your radiator, place funnel in adapter, add your coolant, with engine running allow trapped air to escape through funnel, squeeze radiator hose, insert stopper, transfer remaining fluid to a container or overflow reservoir; If using funnel lid – allow fluids cool to ambient temperature, place funnel plug into funnel neck, remove funnel and fluid, drain captured fluid into a container, replace cap on the now air-free radiator


SWANLAKE No-Spill Coolant Funnel Kit,Spill Proof Radiator Funnel Bleeder with Adapters.Universal Fitment15Pcs.

  • The Spill Proof Radiator Coolant Filling Funnel Kit can deliver fluids like radiator coolant and oil to any vehicle, the long burp funnel prevents spills and trap air during refills after a coolant flush.
  • This coolant funnel has a special rotary switch ,different than others, which helps us effectively to control stopping overflow or bubbles.and we marked scale on funnel.
  • The long extension rod is specific made for difficult-to-reach area , it could be used at any angle.The thread reinforcement design make sure the liquid wont leak in any situation.
  • The multipurpose funnel kit contains 5 Adapters, 4 Filler Caps, Two 45° elbows, Two 5“ extender and a thick transparent antifreeze funnel .
  • The Spill Free Funnel is perfect for engine flushing, coolant pressure tester kit , even radiator flushing; it works for American and other vehicles.


OEMTOOLS 24444 Coolant System Refiller Kit, 5 Adapters, Eliminate Trapped Air, Test Radiator and Heating Core Lines for Leaks, Vacuum Fill Coolant Tool, Vacuum Leak Tester

  • Complete Coolant System Refiller: Refills the entire cooling system including the heater core; Quickly eliminate the trapped air in your cooling system
  • Huge Time Saver: Eliminate time-consuming bleeding and purging, and completely remove all trapped air from your cooling system after a radiator flush
  • Discover Leaks: With this coolant pressure tester kit, check for leaks while under vacuum; If your vacuum level decreases while all valves are off, you have a leak in your system
  • Widely Useful: Radiator coolant vacuum refill kit comes with five adapters that fit most common radiator necks and coolant reservoirs
  • Simple to Use: The included venturi valve turns any air compressor input into a strong vacuum force; This is the easiest to use radiator fill kit you can find


JIFETOR Cooling System Vacuum Purge Radiator Coolant Refill Tool Kit, Universal Automotive Water Tank Pneumatic Vacuum Antifreeze Change Filler Set, with Adapter Case Hose for Car Van SUV Truck

  • VACUUM TYPE COOLANT FILLING FUNCTION: Pneumatic vacuum coolant filler first sucks and forms a vacuum on the cooling system by using shop air, then draws coolant into the cooling system.(Need vacuum pump and not included in the kit) Add coolant in vacuum, there is no large air pocket and avoid warping or other damage in engine. Normally, it takes 5-10mins to refill the coolant, the exact time depends on the size of the tank. Easy to operate and save time
  • WIDELY USAGE RADIATOR PURGE AND ANTIFREEZE REFILL TOOL: JIFETOR antifreeze filler kit includes a universal tapered rubber adapter, with MIN. diameter 1.5CM and MAX. diameter 5CM, fits for almost all types of vehicles. The adapter can replace the radiator cap to seal the cooling system, and connect with the quick coupler on coolant refiller to help to fill antifreeze.
  • WATER TANK COOLANT VACUUM REFILL: Plastic covered premium brass manifold body, equipped with brass fittings, anti-corrosion and durable. The index range of gauge is -30~0inHg (-76~0cmHg), and normally -25~-20inHg is right time to add coolant. 18″ rubber resin material weave reinforced hose, featured with anti-corrosion, low fluid resistance, high bearing pressure, ensure durability and good air sealing. Also there is a 21″ metal chain hook for hanging on the engine hood.
  • ACCESSORIES: There are 2 styles air plugs in the case for you to choose, European style air plug and a American style one (pre-installed on the coolant fill tool). JIFETOR coolant system purge and filling kit also includes a 60″ long coolant filling hose, and a 23″ long splash-proof bleeder hose, transparent for easy observation, and also equipped with anti-corrosion and durable brass fittings. Customized blow molding case keeps everything in place and protects the gauge during storage.
  • SATISFACTORY CUSTOMER SERVICE: 30 days full refund with returned undamaged JIFETOR complete cooling system purge and coolant refiller set. Any quality related problem in 1 year, we will replace the fittings for free or refund. Any question, please feel free to contact us by email or amazon message system, we will reply ASAP in 24 hours.

Buying Guide

The online market is emerging and expanding to no limit. When you start surfing the internet,  you can make yourself lost in loads of different products with distinct features and characteristics.  Moreover, you don’t know which one is the most trusted source for making a purchase and which one will likely deceive you. Because every product looks good in a picture or by marketing pitch. That's why we are here to help you find the coolant fill kit harbor freight after hours of testing and research. We have used both human intelligence and Artificial intelligence to curate the list of the top product.  You can wonder why we sought help from  AI.  You better know that human makes mistakes but machine doesn’t.  Machine learning algorithm brings precision to our works, ranking them higher to lower order by analyzing all the labeled data we have provided. Simply put,  AI helps us in the best possible way to find the best product.

Super Fast Delivery

Faster delivery leaves a positive experience for the users. According to the statistics, 85% of online shoppers expect short-term delivery, or else they look for alternatives. We offer our recommended product from amazon which is the best online retail company and provides faster and more convenient delivery on millions of products than its other competitors like Walmart, eBay, best bay etc. 

Customer Reviews

While buying the product name, you should read the customer’s review to estimate the quality and user experience of the product. Customer review not only helps the business owners to grow but the consumer has an idea regarding the product’s usability, reliability, and compatibility for themself. It sets the item apart from other similar objects and give you a reason why you should go for the specific one 

The Best Customer Support

Another reason why we suggest products from amazon over others is that it has top-of-the-class customer support. Amazon has been spending millions of dollars for a decade to present great customer service. For them, customer satisfaction is the utmost priority and this is what keeps them ahead of the pack. They introduced a few approaches to provide customer support like 24/7 live chat through the website, quick responses to queries, etc. 

Collection of Many Products

Amazon is huge, as huge as you can be lost at sea. It has got a great selection of products from everyday groceries to favorite books to consumer electronics and the list will go on to no end. So amazon can’t be better enough platform where you not only find a great variety of products but also the best ones and those products which can be cut out for you. 

Best Prices

Here on amazon, not only do you get the best product, you get the best deal as well. Most consumers consider the price while purchasing a product. They want the item to become budget-friendly so they can afford it. You can trust the fact that you will get coolant fill kit harbor freight at a more affordable price on amazon than anywhere else, even cheaper than from your local shops. 

Honesty and Trustworthiness

Online shopping is moving in a new and dangerous direction, as it becomes more vulnerable to dishonesty and fraud. People are becoming victims of online scams every day in a myriad of ways. You don’t need to surf on another retail platform while you have amazon. Amazon is a place where you can wholly put your trust on. For instance, a person must buy a product for his feedback to be recognized as verified reviews. Moreover, Amazon is now considering taking legal action against fake reviews. They are planning to have several lawsuits filed to counter review fraud against different platforms acting as an agent for fake reviews. Therefore, all our coolant fill kit harbor freight has been recommended through amazon.

Amazon Offers Fast Delivery and Lower Shipping cost

Amazon offers FREE Two-Day Shipping on eligible items for Amazon Prime members with no minimum spend limit. Additionally, the shipping cost on amazon is among the lowest compared to others. We already discussed how they offer faster delivery. When you buy a coolant fill kit harbor freight, Amazon gets your product delivered in short amount of time with minimum shipping cost.      


While choosing coolant fill kit harbor freight, you must ensure whether the product is durable or not. You check through the warranty they are offering and customer reviews of verified purchasers. 


there is an adequate supply of products available to meet consumers’ demands. You must get assured that the right product with the correct specification is available. Sometimes manufacturer stops supplying the product for some reason and this may leave you baffled when you see your favorite product name is unavailable currently. 


Before making any purchase online, whether coolant fill kit harbor freight or any other product, be sure to check the warranty of the product. Because warranty indirectly demonstrates the confidence that manufacturers have in their product’s quality and durability. By offering a warranty, they remain in legal agreement to provide service for repairs or full product replacement in case of faulty or bad products. 

Negative Ratings

As you check the customer’s reviews and ratings, make sure that you don’t take the negative ratings lightly. Chances are that these negative reviews come from trusted buyers who had problems with the specific product in any possible way. We set out our AI to specially take negative reviews into consideration when curating this guide on coolant fill kit harbor freight.


We have considered availability, price, durability, and customer’s user experience in creating this guide on the “coolant fill kit harbor freight for you”. And also we tried to jot down all the aspects or features that may be useful for you to decide whether or not any coolant fill kit harbor freight is up to the mark for you. We have even utilized machine learning algorithms to bring about the highest level of precision. Among all the coolant fill kit harbor freight, we find the first one is best overall.

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